Grace Tricho Gel


Grace Tricho Hair Treatment Gel I

Designed to deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits, Tricho Gel is a multifaceted protein based complex which acts on the three fundamental parameters of hair strength — tensile properties, bending modulus and cuticle abrasion.
The unique chemical composition of Tricho Gel enables it to penetrate the hair cuticle , building strength from within, while providing film forming effects to reinforce, lubricate and protect the surface of the hair.

  • High strengthening active formulation
  • Able to triple the strength of damaged hair compared to a control conditioner
  • Consumer-perceivable improvement in hair strength
  • Strengthens hair to resist combing damage
  • Out performs the strengthening / anti-breakage properties of Panthenol
  • Proven efficiency from rinse-off systems Suitable for use in all hair care applications Moisturising power
  • Tricho Gel provides a significant immediate (+27%), progressive and long-lasting moisturising effect (+17%)
  • Skin Barrier integrity
  • Tricho Gel prevents skin barrier damage
  • Tricho Gel provides immediate and long-lasting hydration, regulates the desquamation process and reinforces the skin barrier