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My experience.
Cassandra Risher a Licensed Cosmetologist of over 20 years of Experience. She is a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor of 12 years. After many years of experience Cassandra became a Licensed Trichologist from the National Trichology Institute in Atlanta Georgia. Trichology is the study of Hair and Scalp disorders and a holistic way of living.  MHRC is able to treat almost any hair and scalp disorders such as those suffering from Alopecia, or any medical hair loss issues. They are  also Certified in Hair Replacement by the Onrite Academy in Fort Lauderdale Florida and Tony Love in Atlanta Georgia. They are also Certified to do hair replacement on Cancer Patients undergoing Chemo or any Client who is experiencing Chronic Hair Loss. They have been Certified as a Low Light Laser Therapist from the Hair Loss Control Clinic in Albany New York. MHRC is able to treat those of Hair Loss and able to restore growth. Among other experiences MHRC is Certified with the American Cancer Society in their Look Good Feel Better Program. MHRC also holds a Certification for Hair Integrations to add hair for thickness or length without any braiding or  bonding. Trichology Risher is now the owner and operator of the Medical Hair Restoration Clinic.

Our multi-therapeutic approach is designed to be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s daily routine. Each program is designed with the goal of halting hair loss and promoting hair growth. Individually, they are all simple and successful. Combined, they represent the best approach to hair loss available today. These steps are designed to synergistically combine scalp hygiene, laser therapy and DHT inhibiting products to yield the best possible results.

Why choose Us?

The hair loss treatment programs we provide have been proven successful for men and women with the following hair loss conditions:

  • Male Patterns Baldness
  • Female Patterns Baldness
  • Thinning Hair
  • Broken and Damaged Hair
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Traction Alopecia

I really felt comfortable in the hands of these knowledgeable professionals.

– Gloria

I couldn’t believe how beautiful I looked. Excellent job and customer service…

– Satisfied Customer